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The Gauge:

Business and Political Surveys

The Gauge is an online survey group.  The Gauge make use of technology from  three firms which have varied attributes.  For most requests, the technology afforded by Survey Monkey is sufficient, and lets clients have results for the lowest cost.


The unique strengths of The Gauge lie in:

  •  our crafting of questions 

  •  our segmenting of groups, and

  •  our follow-ups (if desired).

Clients have the choice of bringing names to us, using the growing bank of names in our data, or having us fish for new names.  


Pricing is based on hourly labor plus acquisition costs.  The labor ranges from $15 - $165 per hour; acquisition costs are passed through with zero markup.    A one-time set-up fee ranging from $100 - $250 is needed for inauguration.


Contact The Gauge:

Tim, Stewart, Michelle at 212-203-7671 or


See Gauge results (that clients want to make public):


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