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Why Connecticut?

Despite 9 years of "recession" the USA remains the place for more consumers with money to spend on international products and services.  Money has been in savings accounts far more than any time in the last 100 years, but as our economy recovers there is more money to be released than any time in history.  


International businesses concerned about not getting their "share" of this spending are establishing small and mid-sized presences in the USA.  It ingratiates the firms to Americans and makes more consumers easily aware of their products.  


The sentiment for "buy American, " currently harbored by President Trump and many of his followers is satisfied with a company that is IN America.  Whether you retained your own brand name or create anew, your firm can be home grown for both legal and sentimental purposes.  We are here to assist. 


Conn Comm is a new development group that attempts to smooth the way for any division of an International firm that will consider Connecticut as a base. 


CT Is the heart of New England. It is the weathliest state on a per-capita basis, among the "highest educated" states, and typically ranks among the top 5 in lowest crime.  


The business opportunity of relocating to CT has appealed to Amazon, which is evaluating five separate CT proposals. 


While the consumer base is strong, the employment base is not.  CT has lost many businesses over the last decade.  This makes the state very eager to court new businesses.  It also gives new employers the benefit of professionals at relatively low salaries.  Firms can pay their professionals 30%-40% less in central CT than in New York or Boston.  Bottom line: CT has the lowest turnover rate in employment in all 50 states.  


Whether staying for a few years or relocating permanently, your executives will find in CT a high quality of life without the frenzied pace of NY or Boston.   CT residents get NY and Boston on their own terms.  We sit one to three hours away from each of these cities, allowing an evening at the symphony, museum, pub, sport event, or classy restaurant to be finished off with an easy return home.  No state in the US has the public transportation that Europe and Asia have, but CT is relatively high in access to other East Coast cities. 

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